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The Warrior Arises book trailer

The Warrior Arises-A fantasy fiction about friendship, love and a changing world. The enchanted forest of Havengothy is attacked by the evil queen Neeradima, and her army.

The Hero, Ruby. A young girl who’s endured bullying most of her school years. She fights anxiety and self-worth, but the great governing spirits have chosen her to be the weapon against the wicked force. A weirdo in her peer’s eyes, but a weapon in her King’s hands.

This is an allegorical tale with similarity to Narnia, David & Goliath, and Esther. With a message of hope, courage for the unknown, and how to confront your bullies even when you’re afraid.

It’s written for ages 12 and up, with one agenda; to remind the reader, heroes come in wonderfully strange packages. And their odd, unusual self, just might be the key to bring the change the world needs.

The price is set low during quarantine at only .99 for the ebook. There are many parallels in the book that are similar to our time we are living right now, that will give the reader a lot to relate too. I hope you pick one up and enjoy it.

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