The Warrior Arises book trailer

The Warrior Arises-A fantasy fiction about friendship, love and a changing world. The enchanted forest of Havengothy is attacked by the evil queen Neeradima, and her army. The Hero, Ruby. A young girl who’s endured bullying most of her school years. She fights anxiety and self-worth, but the great governing spirits have chosen her to be the weapon against the wicked force. A weirdo in her peer’s eyes, but a weapon in her King’s hands. This is an allegorical tale with similari

Rise one more time

I’ve heard it said, “where the enemy has tried to destroy us, is where we have our most authority.” I believe it’s because we’ve been schooled. We faced trauma, trouble or torment, crawled out of those ashes and allowed the Creator to forge something new, wonderful and beautiful. To rebuild, redefine and repurpose is. We stared down the barrel of destruction and stood fast. We might have fallen seven times but we rose eight! Our healed heartache makes us a relatable soul. Our