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January 24, 2020

This little book will face down the giant of offense and hit it between the eyes. If you are tired of hurting and ready to heal, let go and move forward; the words in this 50 page booklet just might set you on the right path.

Holly openly shares her heart  about offense. With humor, honesty, and raw, relatable moments, you will be encouraged to face the pain of offense and guard your heart from being offended.


With this book you will be empowered to strip the hold offense tries to take and call it what it is; a trap, and you do not have to take the bait. So, let’s jump into a colossal subject with this tiny book and slay a giant, shall we?

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What others are saying about Unoffendable

5 out of 5 stars!

Short and powerful. This booklet deals with an all to common problem that is faced in life and a major challenge in Christendom. Practical help for your life. A reminder that once again love wins! - Oregongal

 Learning to Lean. Love! Love! Love this book! When hurt comes, (and it will); acknowledge it, and then; (here’s my favorite part) lean into arms of our Comforter and Friend. You will learn so much while you are healing. And you will see who you really are! -Melanie Mews

A perfect anytime book. Extraordinary author. Funny, entertaining & self reflection. The perfect book when you need a reminder about how powerful grace can be.-Valettat

A gold nugget of wisdom. I just finished reading this book. There was such incredible insight and wisdom! It is packed with spiritual nutrients! It's a book I would love to buy for friends. It's like a handbook full of wisdom that teaches us how to handle spiritual and emotional offense that inevitably will come our way. It shows us that as we turn to God in our pain and allow Him to heal us , we will actually become stronger through the process. It is packed full of scriptures and insight that will help you heal and become victorious through your pain. Amazing. I loved how it talks about how God uses our pain and rejection to catapult us towards our destiny. Just as He did with Joseph, Esther and Daniel. What the enemy meant for bad, God meant for good! Holly writes, "Being unoffendable means learning how rejection works in our favor." Beautifully written. I am so thankful that I read it! Very powerful. A true gold nugget of wisdom. -Ednlolly

Read it! As soon as I finished this book, I called my friend who had recommended it to me. "Did you buy a case yet? We have to pass these out to everyone!" She laughed as she said, "Well, the problem is, people tend to get offended when you try to give them books like this." So, sure, you have to have a humble, open heart to what God wants to teach you; but read this book. We all need the TRUTH inside its pages. And that TRUTH sets us free. Hurt will come, but this book will point you to the Healer.

Offense to honor. This book is a one of a kind journey to teach us how to walk from offense into honor. Takes real life scenarios and teaches us we don’t have to strike back in offense but how to move forward in love. Word the read! - Marykay

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