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This is a little book written with one intent, to take on fear and destroy the harassing lies it uses to manipulate us to cower. The spirit of fear has been bullying God's people for ages. It taunts, torments and tangles us. We become paralyzed to move, act or obey the leading of Christ. We fear failure, rejection, disapproval, or criticism.

Let your courage rise up. Let the risk taker in you take the lead. Throw off all the "what ifs" that hinder you and jump in to the "even if" waters.

Zeroing in on what might be crippling us to fulfill what we are called to do; this tiny book will help one to confront the bully and take back what he has stolen from you.

Aren't you tired of feeling like your missing out? Weary from watching others live fully? Discouraged because you failed the last time you faced a bully and lost? Well girlfriends, this little booklet is written to stir up the warrior in you.; To challenge you to pick of the sword ONE MORE TIME, get in the boat ONE MORE TIME, pull back the arrow ONE MORE TIME, contend for your destiny ONE MORE TIME!

You were made to be victorious. You were designed to be an overcomer. You were created to rise from the ashes of defeat and be a conquer. So straighten your crown, fluff that toto, and roll those sleeves up and let’s take the bully down!

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