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An Allegorical tale coming Spring 2020 

The Warrior Arises

a tale of an unlikely hero

Release date March 27, 2020

Heroes rise up from the most unlikely places. For, what others might view as unusual or irrelevant; just might be the surprising weapons needed to defeat an enemy. If Ruby existed in today’s world, she would possibly be labeled with learning disabilities and perhaps a slight case of social anxiety. She is unusual in many ways. With radiant pink wings and unruly hair, Ruby stands out. But never in the way she wanted to. It is the peculiarity that draws attention to her; from her vivid imagination to her misunderstood sense of humor; Ruby is a rare fairy indeed.

But even in a mysterious world where all is strange and unusual, different isn't always celebrated. 

It is during her years of school that Ruby develops a stubbornness to overcome. She was horribly bullied for her poor grades and her wild hair.  But Ruby never let the bullies get the best of her. With the help of her best friends, Ruby was able to pull off some epic pranks of retaliation, usually ending with detention, but the crime was always worth the punishment.

After finding a book in one of her professor’s offices, the real adventures begins. The ancient book is filled with magic charms that have not been used in centuries; 

But Ruby realizes, she can wield them. 

An Allegorical tale coming Spring 2020 THe Warrior Arises tale of an unlikely hero: Recent Books
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