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The day America shook

I will never forget 9/11

The day America shook. People came home from work. Children were picked up early from school. We sat in shock: Bewildered as to what was happening. It was incomprehensible. We tried to reason it but there was no reason. Then we watched as heroes rose up from those ashes. Courageous ones ran towards the destruction. We saw flags fly, people unite and hearts connect. We hugged each other. We cried together. We were one! We would not bow to terror. We linked arms that day and stood as a unified nation. We were Patriots!

Now here we are 18 years later. Those same children that came home from school, enlisted into the military to fight a war that waged against their future.

People are still fighting against that day. But now, people are fighting each other with lame disagreements and offended at a drop of a hat.

If we could take away one lesson from 9/11 let it be this: life is fragile but Americans are fierce. So let’s not waste our precious breath on petty arguments. What brought us together as a nation now seems to be a loose thread that is always being tugged at to divide us. We wage war against those who disagree with our religious or political views. We pick fights amongst each other. We are reviving trouble. We have divided ourselves with Donkey or elephant.

Friends, we are neither and we are both. We are one country that must come to the table and look each other in the eyes. Let’s strip the insults of “deplorable, bleeding hearts or a nasty woman” and can we just be Americans? Can we just stand for what’s right rather than our rights? Can we lay down our offense and see each other again as our brother and sister?

Can we stop shaking our fist and instead shake each others hands? Can we stop blaming and instead start building? Can we respect each other rather than tolerate?

What will it take for us to unite again?

Terrorism is more than just hijacked planes from those who hate America: it’s division and it’s the corrosion of unity. It’s offense and it’s hate. It’s the chipping away of our foundation and we are oblivious to the crumbling. Stop the cycle and we will stop the madness. Let’s not forget those who lost their lives that tragic day. Let’s live well together, in honor of them.

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