The day America shook

I will never forget 9/11 The day America shook. People came home from work. Children were picked up early from school. We sat in shock: Bewildered as to what was happening. It was incomprehensible. We tried to reason it but there was no reason. Then we watched as heroes rose up from those ashes. Courageous ones ran towards the destruction. We saw flags fly, people unite and hearts connect. We hugged each other. We cried together. We were one! We would not bow to terror. We li

The Hallway of Hope

Contending for the things we hope for is not striving, it’s guarding our hearts in the hallways between what is now and what will be. Have you ever fought for a cause; wrestled for it in faith, prayed your brains out, and wore the carpet down in kneeling, pleading for an answer? Any answer? Have you submerged yourself in hope, believing for a miracle, or a healing, or a solution, or the salvation of a loved one? Have you been contending for years, or even decades, for this ho

Contagious Hope

Surround yourself with people who talk about visions and ideas, not other people. – Akin Olokun Have you ever sat amongst visionaries: people who dream, dare and inspire? Who are adventurers in their writing, their business or their life? Have you been in the midst of a room so charged with hope that you left feeling like you too, could climb a mountain, build a bridge or sing on America’s Got Talent? I’m not talking about just dreaming. I’m talking about ridiculous inspirati

Obligated Hope

“Momma, there’s a girl at school that needs a coat! I told her you would buy her one.” This bold statement came from my then, second-grade son, Ryley, who came barreling in after school, tossing his backpack aside and making his way to get a snack. Okay… What do you do when your child knows you are the supply and will meet a need that he sees? You buy a coat. Ryley’s expectant hope obligated me to a child I knew nothing about. A need had to be fulfilled because of expectant h

Nurture Hope

Nurture Hope. I had a blog nearly finished when I heard the Holy Spirit bring these two words to mind and I knew I needed to incorporate this truth. Nurturing hope is cultivating. It’s an act of, caring, protecting and developing. If faith is a seed, then hope is knowing what you planted will grow. Its understanding that this little tiny seed will move dirt out of its way, reach towards the sun and turn into a watermelon. It’s knowing that everything that is needed to be a wa