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Rise one more time

I’ve heard it said, “where the enemy has tried to destroy us, is where we have our most authority.”

I believe it’s because we’ve been schooled. We faced trauma, trouble or torment, crawled out of those ashes and allowed the Creator to forge something new, wonderful and beautiful. To rebuild, redefine and repurpose is.

We stared down the barrel of destruction and stood fast. We might have fallen seven times but we rose eight!

Our healed heartache makes us a relatable soul. Our brokenness to wholeness showcases God’s redemptive power. We are a tool, a weapon, and a voice; that there is hope!

Our broken places are precious to Jesus because he loves to hold us, comfort us and heal us.

Healed people heal people. Jesus uses our brokenness and wields in us a healer.

Today, just for today, rise one more time. Dust off the dirt. Lift your head. Straighten your shoulders. Open your eyes to the power of the one who will make all your pain an investment into your joy!

He’s not through. You are wired to persevere. Your fashioned to rise again. You are made to bounce back and be better than before. Healed, victorious and a lifeline for others.

What the enemy meant for evil, he will turn it for good. (I sang that last part)

#overcoming #encouragement #persevere #dontgiveup #dontquit #healing #perserverance

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