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There’s an army rising, A prophetic word over our daughters and granddaughters.

Tuesday, I woke to the exciting knowledge that our fourth granddaughter has entered this world! We are watching my daughter’s two littles for a week while they adjust to baby girl number 3. Little Averie is in the pack and play downstairs, and Charlie is curled up in our bed. And Of course, Everett is sleeping in her crib. So our home is busting with baby girls.

While I sat on the couch this early morning, Averie’s head popped up and looked at me with a giant grin. My heart melted, but when this happened, I heard in my spirit, “There’s an army rising!” I knew what Holy Spirit saying-you know, those millisecond downloads that take 15 minutes to explain. This is what came to my mind when I heard- There’s an army rising!

I thought of my discussion with my neighbor, a mother of three girls, about the assault on our children and their identity and the curriculum designed to influence their little souls.

My mind went to The Roe v Wade debate that hangs in the air with the hope of being overturned.

I recalled an interview with a woman saying, “it’s always a woman’s choice,” even after her baby is born. She had this mantra that it's always a woman's choice, even if the child is two and she doesn’t want it!

I remembered the thought I had last week that pregnancies can be inconvenient or even devastating- but the child is not.

You see, we can fear the propaganda or fight it. We can worry about the influences being enforced on our children or become a greater influence!

There will always be two voices.

God's voice, plan, and design must be greater and heavy with authority!!!

There is an army rising.

There is a generation behind us rising to finish the job. I believe we will see the spirit of Nehemiah and Moses emerge from our daughters and granddaughters. Esther’s and Debora’s voices will be louder than Jezebel’s and Delilah’s.

There is an army rising!

A generation is being born and forged in an era of hostility, and their voices will take over and devour the lies of hell when they boldly speak the truth! Leaders, politicians, influencers, and those hidden for a season, are emerging to lift their voices once more!

There is an army rising!

Sisters, we are not called to bite our fingernails in a corner and hide from the corruptness in this fallen world. Instead, we are called and equipped to nurture warriors. We are being asked and commissioned to incubate the leaders and foster and mentor the voices that are trapped or silenced in our daughters.

We must counter the lies with truth. Show them how remarkable a woman’s sound is! Her song can change history. Her boldness will shift the season- not just choosing life, but honoring family and going against the current flow, with her conviction to stand.

To rise and speak against injustices in times that demand you agree with them or sit down and shut up!

There is an army rising.

They are in wombs right now. Some are inconvenient pregnancies. Some are in grade school. Some are boldly standing strong in junior high and high school. Some are women making the bold move to speak when they once feared rejection and bullying. Some are mothers navigating shifting sands—some of our grandmas turning around to invest in those following her.

There is an army rising.

Her boots are laced and ready to bruise her heel, stomping on the lying lizard.

She is ready to speak the truth in an unfriendly environment.

She does justice. Loves mercy. And walks humbly!

It’s time to wake up and rise and lift those who are following us!

This is the live version of the word.

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