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The Warrior Arises

Charms from the secret scrolls of Havengothy

In The Light of Beathra book one- The Warrior arises, Ruby finds an ancient book filled with charms and life-giving spells that will change her world. Ruby is a clumsy, insecure fairy who is chosen by the King of Trees, Beathra, and the invisible garden spirit, The Whisper. Incredible secrets have been stored inside this socially awkward girl. The great spirits of Havengothy have deposited within her a remarkable strength and faith to not give up. And though she is bullied, overlooked and dismissed by others, she is filled with grit and determination. Chosen by her King to be a weapon to fight for the peace and victory of her world, Ruby must learn to overcome self-doubt, anxiety, and heartache that would attempt to crush her free spirit.

My hope is that you find these poetry like prayers encouraging and inspiring. Please feel free to share one or all. All I ask is that you also share that they are from my book, The Warrior Arises.

A life giving charm-

Reach towards the sky, crawl out of the earth.

Uncurl your leaves, and let your blooms burst.

The King and the Whisper made you for a reason,

now come forth all that’s green, today is your season.

It’s time to grow.

A magnifying charm to the King of Trees

“Who is like our King of Trees?

Who can compare to his Majesty?

With love, life, shade, and fire,

No other King of trees is higher.

Beathra, the King of Trees, is his name,

with life in his branches and power in his flame.

He loves us uniquely as a father loves a child.

And though he is kind, he is also wild.”

The Darphea wilderness

A protection charm

From the Ghost Warriors fire

to the whisper of the wind,

May I fly with faith and courage,

where my King intends.

Let my life be guarded

against the evil that exists.

May my wings and mind be strengthened

with the wisdom to resist.

A charm spoken over a troubled mind

“Let all the cares and burdens go.

Breathe in the air that freedom owns.

Rest in the truth you have always known.

You are never far from home.

Let your mind heal and your heart fly.

Let the shame fall, and the guilt die.

The King is near, and his love is real.

He forgives our failures, and he longs to heal.

Let the wind of peace blow across your soul.

Take heart child, you’ve been made whole.”

Havengothy’s winter butterfly

A reviving charm after winters darkness

“The winter’s past, the frost is gone.

The nights are shortened, the days grow long.

Spring is here, and with-it life.

Shake off your slumber and be revived.

Your time has come to bloom once more.

This is the season you’ve been waiting for.

Stretch your stems towards the light.

Bust through the earth, with all your might.”

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