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The Limp

I’ve said it for years, “never trust a person without a limp” These are the ones who have been through it, but kept going, kept loving, and continued towards the call. They wrestled with God and man: Felt the pain of hardships, betrayal of friends, favor removed and painful losses but they got back up: not swinging but loving people.

Not smelling of smoke from the fire, they just walked through. Not a single lion hairs on their clothes from the den. They are humble, wiser, kinder, confident and a better leader, minister, person than before the breaking.

Overflowing in grace and the anointing. Empowered by the one who walked alongside them in the fire. Sat with them in the lions den. Stood on the field with them facing the giant.

So let me ask you this; What broke you? What gave you your limp? It’s not the end, friends. Brokenness shapes in us a strength we never knew was there. A trustworthiness that is deep within our heart. Our brokenness is not the final chapter but the beginning. This is where the hands of Jesus reaches in and reshapes us. Making us better than before, for now we have shared with him in sufferings. We bear the marks of his healing fingerprints. Do not fear the breaking. For we are a better people healed than we ever were unbroken.

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