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Spiritual Warfare- Assignment

Assignments. Calling. Destiny. Purpose. Dreams. Call it what you will; it is stamped on us in the womb. We may have years of training for one task or one moment that changes our lives and the lives around us. I don’t want to exhaust you with a story you already know. I want to point out how soon the assignment was placed on Moses’s life, and with the assignment came the attack; kill all newborn baby boys by order of Pharaoh.

I have heard it said that the attacks on our lives have nothing to do with who we are now but who we are called to be. Moses’s assignment began the day he was born. He had several years of training to get him where he needed to be; a man who could lead two million people out of slavery. A nation that only knew what it meant to be in bondage would be led by someone who grew up in the palace where the orders of oppression came from. He was set aside to survive so he could later bring others out. Perhaps God hid Moses in the castle because it would be the last place the enemy would look to find the deliverer of Israel.

But Moses went through eighty years of training for his assignment. EIGHTY YEARS! He was hidden in a palace, learning kingdom principles, understanding personalities, and how to approach royalty- all training ground. Before he could be the man who confronted the king of Egypt, he had to be a boy raised in the ways of the kingdom he was sent to overturn. And before he could do that successfully, he had to fail miserably. Thus, leading Moses to the very mountain where he would encounter the Great I Am and receive his life assignment.

I wonder if Moses had a burning in his heart to do something for his people as he watched the oppression from a safe and comfortable room? I wonder if that’s what compelled him to murder a brutal slave-driving Egyptian causing him to flee to the mountains? Be it courage, fear, or failure that drove him to act, run, or hide; he could not escape the call. And when he ran, he was trained in another valuable skill: shepherding, which was undoubtedly used to lead a flock of people. God didn’t waste one thing in Moses’s life. Every attack was flipped into training opportunities for his assignment. Every struggle and experience would be facilitated to create a leader of a nation.

I have read that where the enemy tries to destroy you is where you have most of your authority. Before I became a writer, I would scribble poetry. Then songs. I fell in love with the word and would teach bible stories to my children. But oh, how I longed to preach. But I was the momma of four littles, and my first job was keeping them alive and training and teaching them. So, I taught my kids everything I was studying. After all, they are my first assignment. As my children grew, so did I. I started teaching adult Sunday school. An occasional Sunday night sermon. Sermons turned to studies. Studies turned to retreats. And then... a painful time of ministry hit me like a truck. It nearly destroyed me. But it also caused me to search for resources that weren’t available. And I thought, If it’s not out there, then I will write it, and in 2007 I published my first book, How the Broken Leader Heals.

I never thought I would be a writer or an author. I struggled in school. Spelling and grammar were my worst subjects. And had I listened to my insecurities and a few negative people; I may have never even attempted to write a book. But my imagination was way too wild, and I could see stories and analogies in everything I experienced in life. But it would be a heartache that would unearth the author in me and reveal to me my authority and my ministry assignment; train, equip, and teach God’s women to passionately pursue King Jesus and the destiny on their life.

Am I speaking to anyone right now? The call on your life is irrevocable. Hebrews 11:29 If you don’t know your assignment, it may mean you’re still on the journey towards discovering it.

Often times we can find our mission by what irritates us. We may be called to bring change in areas that frustrate. Sometimes our pain sets us on a path towards our purpose. We want to bring change to places or situations that caused harm. Maybe it's your past that has awoken you in your mission. To rescue, rehabilitate, or restore those who are still stuck in a place you have been redeemed from. A health crisis may cause you to become a health coach.

What is in your hands right now? Where are your feet at this moment? Wherever your territory is, there lies your authority and your assignment. Line up with Jesus and own what you are called to do. There is no big or small assignment in the Kingdom. Only important ones.

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