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Meet Ruby in The Warrior Arises

A war is looming. The wicked enchantress is growing restless. Bitter from her exile and filled with toxic hate, she hungers to retaliate. And if she couldn’t destroy the two great spirits that cast her out of their kingdom, then annihilating who they loved would be her solace. Two worlds with great and powerful rulers will collide once more.

This is a tale of a small creature who was created to do great and remarkable things. The two great spirits hid within an unusual young girl, courage to stand when others would shrink back. Ruby faced bullies in school, stood up to abusive teachers, and endured cruel name-calling. But she had no idea she would one day face an even greater adversary. It would take a tragedy for Ruby to fulfill her destiny and heartache that would cause the warrior in her to arise.

Meet Ruby; A bright pink winged gidgie raised by a single mother. Ruby is an awkward and clumsy fairy who struggled in school. Spelling was her downfall. She has anxiety when in a crowd and has served detention several times during her school years, getting even with her bullies.

Ruby discovers an ancient book filled with magical charms that were once used by the banished forest caretaker, Neeradima. And for some unknown reason, Ruby she can wield the magic spells written in the book.

The biggest challenge Ruby needs to overcome is her own insecurities and self-doubt. As her garden changes and fear strikes her land, Ruby will question what her part is in the coming days. Her answer will come, but it will not be what she is looking for.

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