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Meet Beathra and The Whisper

The King tree, Beathra

Beathra is the great King tree where all Gidgies are bloomed from. The Whisper is an invisible spirit born from the Great Ghost Warriors sparks of laughter and sorrow of a lost battle. Captured by a mystic wind, the Whisper was born. This is a conversation of the two governing spirits of Havengothy.

“How long are you going to mourn Neeradima” The King of trees asked The Whisper. It had been nearly 500 years since the forest spirit betrayed her creators.

The Whisper sighed, “How does one let go of someone you have loved and invested so much time and life into? How does one stop loving?” she asked.

“Neeradima made her choice; she turned on our land, she corrupted our children, she betrayed us. She chose a path she can never return from. Her banishment was a necessary pain.” The King replied.

The Whisper was a gentle and wise spirit, who was more felt than seen. She remembered the day she created Neeradima. It was a normal day of her gliding through her world, speaking life to the inhabitants as she sang her whispers of hope, when she thought, “Why not use my song and create a being who will sing with me. One who will love and help care for the world we have designed.”

“I gave her such beautiful gifts, Beathra. I imparted magic and melodies. Remember that day?” The Whisper asked the king of trees.

“I remember. Your song was filled with life. You floated around our world, singing a charm of growth. You stirred the colors of our forest with your melody. Your lyrics painted a picture of a friend, a helper, a caretaker of our land. Neeradima rose from the ground like a soft waterfall flowing upward. Her lovely ribbon like features were as liquid emeralds. She was a combination of all our creations color and vibrancy. The magic that lingered that day was spectacular to watch. Oh yes, I remember.” Beathra said with sadness in his voice.

“She was my creation, my inspiration, to fill the atmosphere with song. Her ballads I gave her were to bring growth and life. How could she choose a dulled, songless, evil existence over our love and safety? How could she betray us? My song was her song. I bound a magic to her that is forever, and she has taken those glorious treasures and is destroying pieces of our world and deceiving our children.” The Whisper wept as she recalled the day Neeradima turned on them.

She ached with a pain that was as deep as a death. Her lovely forest spirit, that she designed from all the colors and sounds of her garden, the one she gave magical powers to assist in growing their world, her beautiful Neeradima, who she spent days, years, centuries, had fallen. Her exile brought a terror to their young land called the Banishment war. The innocent were made into warriors, and the gardeners became soldiers. The new evil was met with an ancient good and Neeradima’s army was no match for the old magic that lived in Beathra and the Whisper.

“Let your sorrow go; you grieve a creature who is no longer recognizable and is no longer ours. She is a ruler of her own dark world. But there is another that will come, It is written in the secret scrolls of the great wizard Melchizedek. Her joy will collide with Neeradima’s bitterness and her song will ignite the magic that our world once knew. Her ballads will have a beauty all of their own and when she sings, oh, when she sings, Havengothy will reply with bursts of growth and life. This small one, that is yet to be, will have a great strength within her spirit. She will be fierce. Our world is about to encounter a being that will echo the lyrics you sing. It will be a familiar tune but sung from a new heart. For the ballads she sings will be from a place of surrender. And though, others may not accept the uniqueness of her existence, it will be their rejection that drives her to our presence and sets her on her path to a great purpose.”

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