Meet Beathra and The Whisper

The King tree, Beathra Beathra is the great King tree where all Gidgies are bloomed from. The Whisper is an invisible spirit born from the Great Ghost Warriors sparks of laughter and sorrow of a lost battle. Captured by a mystic wind, the Whisper was born. This is a conversation of the two governing spirits of Havengothy. “How long are you going to mourn Neeradima” The King of trees asked The Whisper. It had been nearly 500 years since the forest spirit betrayed her creators.

Cleaning closets and raising chickens in a bathtub

Our vacation for Hawaii has been canceled- like many others who postponed their vacation. (Yeah we’re bummed but so are several other people. We will be fine, I wasn’t ready for a swimsuit just yet….actually I’m never ready) Joe is laid off- like a million others. (Still gonna be alright, we have plenty of coffee. Who needs food?) So now, we are staycationing. (which I am kind of excited about. HOME PROJECTS WOO HOO…poor Joe. So much for that staycation) My point; We will car