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Keep going momma

Momma’s, you are an incredible example to your children of what it looks like to, get up, show up and keep trying.

Maybe today, you yelled at Jonny because you stepped on one of his life destroying LEGO’s. Your body seized in pain and you screamed. Now you’re feeling utterly guilty because he’s crying. Let me ease your shame. It was his fault. Burn the legos.

Perhaps you were late for picking them up from school. They will live. It’s ok. Ice cream will help them forget.

Or worst yet, you disappointed your precious child with a “no” because you were just too tired to say “yes” to yet another freaking b-day party. Or you embarrassed Mable with the gift wrapped in a Walmart bag. It happens. I’ve done it. The ungrateful 8 year old is lucky he got anything at all. Next time its the dollar store.

Seriously, we can’t hit the mark all the time. Trust me, I’ve tried. There is no perfect parent, just some pretty perfect moments.

But here’s my two cents if you want it; even in our shortcomings we are still loving well because love never fails.

When we make a mistakes, like not washing their baseball uniform for the big game. It’s probably because we were busy feeding their ungrateful faces and doing the dishes no one seemed to notice; the intent behind our blunders is still filled with love; so redemption power is already at work. Because love never, ever, ever fails.

So give yourself some grace. I’ve seen enough social media shaming parents rather than encouraging them. Advising with opinions and how to’s.

Listen, Co-sleep, don’t sleep- breastfeed or bottle. What ever you decide does not mean you love less or more. Here’s what Love looks like: Scooping up barf in the middle of the night. Sleeping in cold pee with a towel over it trying to create a dry spot. Wearing yesterday’s clothes today, and leftover makeup to jet out the door to take little Charlie her lunch she forgot. It’s a thousand moments of unseen meltdowns and still getting up to do it again because the joy outweighs the suffering!

Here is the thing, we will disappoint our children. Get used to that.

They will feel upset with us sometimes, (in their teen years all the times) and that’s ok. Sometimes we blow it and sometimes they’re jerks. But at the centers of all of this should be intentional love. Ready to forgive and ready to apologize. Showing our children mercy on their bad days will help them show us mercy on ours.

So keep showing up. Shake off yesterday’s cupboard grazing, eating frenzy. Otherwise you’re going to have to go back to Costco. And you know you don’t want to do that.

I’m cheering you on moms. And remember Starbucks is always there for you.

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