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Come out of hiding- a war on shame

She was the talk of the town. Everybody knew what she did and what she was still doing. They just didn’t know why. They didn’t see her hurt. Her fear. Her distrust. They couldnt see her brokenness. They couldn’t see her. And that’s how she wanted it. She wanted to be invisible. She withdrew and avoided others because of her shame. She isolated herself because of sin. She was trapped, but did she want to get out? Could she escape this tar pit? Was her distancing a cry for help; a challenge to others to seek her out? She just needed someone to see her. To really see her. She needed someone who would risk their reputation to even speak with her. To find her. To rescue her from her feeling of vaporizing. If only there was a soul brave enough on earth to reach into her shattered life and show her the way out.

“He had to go through Samaria on the way.” John‬ ‭4:4‬ ‭NLT‬ 🥰❤️

Our King declared war on shame. He placed himself in curious circumstances to demolish this monster that eats us up within. Sis, shame has nothing to do with what you’ve done or who has done what to you. Shame is a clever weapon of the enemy to reduce a warrior into a whisper. To take a moment of embarrassment, vulnerability, a mistakes or even victimization and cloak it in fault and then paralyze with shame. The intent of this lying lizard is to take the warriors voice, silence her message and convince her she is powerless. It’s a box to shut one in and keep her from hope, convincing her she is undeserving of help, love, rescue, or redemption.

Oh but He give strength to the weak. Power to the powerless and authority to oppressed. He stoops down. He sits, kneels, finds. He sees you girl. And He is coming for your heart.

Our savior is calling you out and calling you up. He is reaching into your isolated corner and ripping the doors off the false prison of condemnation. He is intent on getting to you and breathing life into your desperate heart and pouring living waters on your parched withered soul.

Oh my beautiful girl, won’t you sit a while with the master at the well, and let him see you? I mean truly see all of you. Come out of hiding precious one. Your King is here and he has buckets of refreshing waters for that worn out soul of yours.


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