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Cleaning closets and raising chickens in a bathtub

Our vacation for Hawaii has been canceled- like many others who postponed their vacation.

(Yeah we’re bummed but so are several other people. We will be fine, I wasn’t ready for a swimsuit just yet….actually I’m never ready)

Joe is laid off- like a million others. (Still gonna be alright, we have plenty of coffee. Who needs food?)

So now, we are staycationing. (which I am kind of excited about. HOME PROJECTS WOO HOO…poor Joe. So much for that staycation)

My point; We will carry on in courage. No pity party here. And No fear. And No stockpile of TP. (coffee beans however, are a different story)

So while we carry on- We will help, love, and pray for our community. We will sleep in, drink coffee together as a couple in the morning, start our garden, and begin our journey as chicken farmers. (4 are in my bathtub right now) Play monopoly and hate it. Attempt new crafts and suck at them. Clean closets, pantries and the garage. (Scratch the garage. With no place to take all the stuff to donate the garage will fill up again.) We will grow closer as a family. And we will trust that everything will be ok.

We will not live in fear; instead, we will live boldly and wisely! And wash our hands a gajillion times. We will enjoy the pause that all humanity is called to take. We will learn to breathe again. Relax again. We will stop rushing and delight in a slower pace. We will reset. Reframe our lives. And remember. Remember the good. The heroes. The ones who ran towards the trouble and not from it.

We have been given precious time, and we will not waste it. Instead, we will cherish the pause. For when this season passes, and it will, we will be better humans. Better neighbors. Better people. Better at life. Better at being grateful. Better at stopping and seeing the ones in front of us.

We will appreciate a hug, a handshake, and our community a thousand times more!

So while we are living smaller, closer, a bit tighter, we will practice laughing more, and be intentional to live bigger, love better, be kinder! And we will all realize toilet paper didn’t save us.

#chickens #makingthebestofit #backyardchickens #peace #coffee

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