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A letter from your Father

Hey GGG fam, I've been feeling this stirring in me for a moment now. I felt the Lord speak this to me as I sat in his presence and refueled my spirit. I pray it encourages you as it did for me. Love H

Hey weary one,

Yes, you. I see your fatigue and the heaviness you are working through. I feel your tired, worn-out soul. I hear your cries for a reprieve. And though you may not feel the breakthrough right now, it does not mean there isn’t breakthrough. My breakthrough is bigger than a feeling. Remember, I fought death with death. A ridiculous thought indeed. But I am wild and ridiculous.

I love to confound the wise. Breakthrough looks like oceans trying to stop you from crossing. Breakthrough looks like a fiery furnace. It looks like a den of lions. It looks like a prison. It can look like rejection. Breakthrough can appear to be a loss. But remember, I do not operate by human standards. I navigate seas like they can be cut in half. I behold a blazing fire, and I am compelled to walk in it. I hear the roar of a storm, and it lulls me to sleep. I view a sea of separation, and I tuck my robe in my belt and traipse across the liquid road. Breakthrough looks like obstacles. It looks likes borders. It looks like walls. It can appear as a barrier.

Breakthrough means something must break to get through. Only I can break a sea of water in half. Only I can split flames to move when your feet tread the fire. Only I can fill the belly of a lion without food. Only I can comprehend how death will defeat death. It's my commons sense that confuses the wisest of souls.

So, my weary girl, who is tired from the battle and overwhelmed by anxiety, please stop. Sit back against your chair. Take a breath. Shush your thoughts. Stop striving in the war and just rest. You have survived every worst day you thought would finish you. Yet here you are. You are still breathing, still showing up, still soldering on. Hope has held you. Faith has kept you. Trust has guided you. And Love has guarded you. I’m not about to stop now. My goal isn’t for you to just survive; no, I long for you to flourish, thrive, grow, expand, and take new ground. How? You ask. By you resting in me. Sit in the silence for a bit and refuel your spirit. Your vision will be zeroed in, and your ears will become keen on my voice. And your heart, well, your heart will be lit up! My presence is like an inferno, Setting ablaze a dry soul. My presence is like a river, Refreshing a withered spirit. My presence is like a meadow, giving a cool place to rest after a long journey.

So, you see, you can let that fatigue go. Let it slip off your shoulders and slide under your feet. Now dance all over that weariness because I am doing new work. I am giving you a new song. I am rekindling a passion and breathing into your lungs for this season. I am restoring your strength. Just wait on me. As you wait, you recharge like a battery on a docking station. You are soaking in my power for your use.

Your breakthrough looks different than you thought, but it is still a breakthrough. Open your eyes to the unique way I work, and you will see angelic activity.

Even now, you are feeling the spark, beginning to flicker again. Even now, you are starting to sense the candle burning once more. Even now, you are aware of the windmill turning with my very breath reviving your worn-out soul.

This is your season of breakthrough. So, dismiss the enemy’s attempt to change the atmosphere. He has no revelation of what I do. Had he known how I truly worked, he would have realized death was the end of him and the beginning of new life for all who call on me.

I am on your side. Always have been, and I always will be.

Love Your Father

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