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Who do you believe

“Holly you’re such a nuisance!”

This was said by a teacher of mine when I was younger. I had a way of getting under his skin. The annoyance of my 12 year old presence didn’t stop that day at the school drinking fountain. It continued on with belittling remarks. Shaming my difficulty with learning in spelling and grammar. Laughing at school portraits and so on. I froze when I was in his presence. I felt sick. Ashamed of who I was. I was dumb, ugly, in the way and I “couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.”

This was my authority for a time. My voice for a time. My teacher for a time. But I know different now. I have a new voice of leadership. A new teacher. A new Authority. And though I hear those words from the past trying to creep into my “today’s”, I funnel them through the very bucket that couldn’t hold my tunes.

For my songs were never meant to be held, but offered. My presence wasn’t for mans delight but for my Father use and will.

My words I write are to declare his glory. His love. His power.

Even with misspelled, grammatical errors, they are intend to point to His beautiful, loving, accepting nature that chooses to use a flawed, imperfect human for His glory!

I am the woman at the drinking fountain being met by Jesus, the right teacher. Which means I’m taught the truth of who I am!

I am the nuisance…to the enemy. My voice, my songs and my writing are offensive…to the lies. And as for my portraits; some say I have my Father’s eyes, and I’m okay with that.

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