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When Friends Scatter

As I read this verse, I thought of those who have scattered in my life, and because of the scattering, I felt the nearness of Jesus. If you have ever been called to walk alone or have experienced the scattering of friends, this verse may very well jump out at you too. One thing the Lord spoke to me this morning was this, “we can feel alone when those we thought were closest to us abandon us. But when you stop and look around, you see the faithfulness of others."

Jesus felt the scattering of His friends, but the deal was, they couldn’t go with him to where he was going. They could only watch the horror of it all. But if you remember the story, you will remember who was still there, sitting at the foot of the cross. His mother, Mary, and John the beloved watched Jesus take his last breath.

Here is the download that Jesus spoke to me; Sometimes we will be called to painful life circumstances, and the enemy will do all he can to keep us from our destiny, and those closest to us can only watch the trauma. They may not share in our heartache, but they will not share in our healing. (read that again) They will watch from afar the injustices in our life. Moments they should have spoken up, and opportunities missed because they were silent. However, the scattering of those we love is for our benefit and theirs. The view of the handiwork of the cross and its power is on full display. They watch from the sidelines an unflinching faith. They may not understand our pain or even relate to it, but they sure as heck will benefit from it. These moments are when the leader is forged. A trustworthy, unflinching depth of faith emerges because of the scattering. It is also the birthplace of intimacy with our King: the healer, deliverer, and the exalter of us in due season.

Scattering friends is not the end; if you are experiencing it right now, lean into the one who never leaves. And as you take the road of ridicule or loneliness, remember to hold onto a few truths; the pain has a purpose, and fire forges weapons, and trials create perseverance. And the best part in all of this; the nearness of Jesus is felt in an indescribably close way, and you will long for the intimacy when you receive your victory. AND BELIEVE ME, YOU WILL SEE YOU VICTORY!

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