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The Training in the Waiting-

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

I used to feel left behind while it appeared God sent others out in the field of ministry. One morning I wept to the Lord with this incredible longing to teach the gospel. I cried out to Him to use me. He dropped a verse in my heart in the midst of my aching. I was in the middle of housecleaning and taking out the trash when this scripture crossed my mind. "Whatever your hands find to do, do it will all your might." I had four small children ranging from two to seven in my hands that needed me and I wanted to do the "mommy" thing well. But I knew I was called to teach the word of God and I wanted to do that too. However, I lacked quite a few important things in my young years; an education, and a platform just to name two.

I took these instructions from the Lord to do whatever was in my hands with all my might. I taught my precious audience bible stories. Whatever I was reading in the word at the time I turned it into a lesson for them. It was my teaching of them of the things I read, that I learned the Word of God and how to turn it into a story for others to understand. You see, what we call waiting, God calls training. What we call wasted, God calls invested. Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, Esther, Hannah, Daniel, Mary, Elizabeth, and many many others were trained for their promises. Their waiting years were their schooling and the waiting years held promises for the promise.

Sweet sisters, have you ever felt dissatisfied, discontent, or discouraged thinking you were missing something in your life, or is it just me? Perhaps you felt left behind, watching others fulfill or chase your dreams or passions. Maybe you're called to something big but the timing isn’t right. It could be a ministry, schooling, starting a business, or an invention that has you up at night dreaming, planning, and spurring you forward; yet you wait. You're not idle in your dreaming. You're active in your hope. You're expectant in your faith. Yet, you know the timing is not now.

Here’s what I have learned in my years of waiting to be released- You will always feel like there is more because there is always more. However, that does not negate the importance of what’s in front of you right now. In fact, what is in your hands now, is what is training you for your promise later. And many times we ease into big moments not even realizing we are in the awaited promise.

The “knowing” there is more is what drives us to chase after the purposes and plans of God. But peace is what plants us where we are to finish the tasks in our hands now, before the next phase. Rushing the process may sabotage the purpose.

Butterflies develop the strength to fly busting out of the cacoon. Without the work, they won't soar.

No matter the season you’re in; training, waiting, pursuing, or maybe your unleashed but wanting more: do it well and with integrity. Whatever is in your hands at this moment needs your full attention and passion. Keep aiming for the dream and keep being faithful in the little things. Because it’s these little things that discipline you for the big!

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might….”

Ecclesiastes 9:10 NIV

“Well done!’ the king exclaimed. ‘You are a good servant. You have been faithful with the little I entrusted to you, so you will be governor of ten cities as your reward.”

Luke 19:17 NLT

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