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Simply Unleashed

Just after Christmas, I started a new project. I began donating or throwing away ten items a day. My inner man was healing from a lot of jumbled emotions and hurt. And with this desire to declutter my home, the outward manifestation represented the pulling of weeds in my heart.

As I think about our word over the year, “Unleashed,” I consider what it means to be freed from it all.

We can have good memories that tether us to a point where it’s hard to move forward because we long to live in a moment or season that once brought us immense joy. But we may also live with trauma or bad memories that cement us to a moment that cripples us, making it difficult to move past the pain because we’re stuck and having trouble finding our legs to move out or away from the fallout of a catastrophic event.

That’s why I love this scripture from Proverbs 15:16 “It’s better to live simply surrounded by holy awe and worship of God,”

As we continue to move forward with the word “Unleashed,” my question to you today is this - what has you harnessed that you’re longing to break free from? What’s anchoring you and preventing you from lifting a foot to move forward?

There’s no magic answer, only supernatural strength and a surrendered heart willing to choose to abide in him as you walk out and away from your pain, trauma, mistakes, broken relationships, prolonged grief, or just plain old disappointment and sorrow.

Sisters, we’ve been unleashed, untethered, set free, redeemed, purchased, invested in, and bought to be liberated. To run. To laugh. To dance. To sing. To find joy in the simple and beautiful things. Simple does not mean easy; it means to uncomplicate or declutter.

Living simply is not living in poverty or on rations or denying ourselves sweet pleasures and earthly treasures. Simplicity is not complicated or overwhelming. It’s untangling ourselves from things we’ve dreamt about being freed from. It’s removing our cement shoes and swimming in the refreshing waters. It’s being grateful for what we had while we joyfully anticipate what the Lord chooses to rebuild, restore, redeem and re-invite into our lives.

Find your “awe” today and be unleashed from the tension of what’s cluttering your soul.

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