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Let it be today

I have a lovely chalkboard door that I like to write inspirational words on, my declaration for the year, and random grocery items to pick up. Today, I wanted to write a new phrase under my 2019 word for the year. I went to wash off some old words, but the problem I came up against is the liquid chalk had soaked into the fibers of the paint, and I was only able to remove the first layer of chalk.

I went and grabbed my cleaner, and soaked my door. Then, I took a rag and scrubbed, in circular motion, to remove the verbiage I once so lovingly wrote, in my best hand writing, mind you. Another layer of chalk came off, but not all. There is still a faint impression of what used to be. Conclusion: I decided the hubs is going to need to paint the door.

But here’s what I got out of this morning’s cleaning frenzy; I was removing a pretty great quote, “Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill” from the DreamWorks movie of Moses. I could not eliminate those remarkable words, they had absorbed into my door. They had been there long enough, they left a permanent impression.

That’s the wonderful thing about an environment of hope; it soaks into your soul, leaves an impression, and it is not easily removed. Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill or even wash off. Its imbedded, implanted and immovable. It was written in faith, believed for and trusted in: Hope will prevail. It will not be wiped out or wiped off. It will not be washed away or snuffed out. It is an anchor, a rock, a firm foundation.

But the wonderful analogy of these supernatural words that soak into our soul and inspire our heart, can be flipped. Words, phrases and a dialogue that is repeated, written on our inner person, spoke to us a child, or even a negative repetitive thought life; lingers. It leaves an impression that even with all our scrubbing, there is still a faint hint of the hurt, the harm, or the heartache. Our chalkboard doors of our heart, need a new coat of paint. They need the blood of the lamb, the renewing of our minds. They need a new declaration written over old writings.

What was the new quote I was trying to write over my old one? I’m glad you asked.

“Let it be today”, I was writing this phrase to remind myself to be intentional. To make daily choices towards, my mental, physical and spiritual health. I was declaring, I don’t need to wait for a new year for a resolution. I was saying, “Mondays are not reset days, today is”. My proclamation of “Let It be today”, is a motivator for “NOW” decisions. To not wait to start something that is on my heart.

I wrote a new direction over my past hope. I added to my hope, a goal. My desire to always choose “Now”, to make the right choices. This fresh word truly has a foundation of hope.

So my question to you is this: What is lingering in your soul? What hopes of yesterday are you building on today? Are you advancing in your hope? Spreading it, sharing it, living it?

Perhaps you’ve been trying to write a new story over negative words that still linger. Those painful words that seem to have absorbed into your psyche. You stand at the chalkboard doors of your heart, scouring in circles trying to remove those harmful, imbedded wounds of yesterday.

Here’s my advice; Begin to write in bold, wonderful, blood bought ,victorious proclamations of your new hope. Let the one who knocks on the door of your heart, paint over the old labels with a new promise. He is the God of Insteads. He writes FREEDOM on prison doors. He trades his BEAUTY for our ashes. He lavishes COMFORT over a grieving heart. He Pours out oil of JOY, dousing our sadness. HOPE is scribbled with passion over the despaired and disheartened soul. Instead of shame, you will have a double portion. Instead of your humiliation, honor and shouts of joy are ours.

Picture with me, Jesus standing at the door of your heart with words that have haunted you. Ugly phrases written all over it, by your own mouth or someone else. These stopping words had detoured and repelled others, but not Jesus. He stands. He taps. He knocks, and then he whispers “I have something new to say over your life. I have a new promise, a new title, a new hope to write on these doors. Won’t you let me in?”

Might I suggest you read Isaiah 61 if you are needing inspiration for some new hope, declarations or proclamations over your doors? Let it be today, you let hope seep into your heart. Let it be today, you are inspired to begin again. Let it be today, you add to your hope, a goal. Let it be today, you choose to open a door, paint new words, and let them sink in to the fibers of your soul.

Though Hope is frail, it’s hard to kill. So, let it be today, you let Hope be revived.

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