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Lessons from my chickens

This morning I would like to share a lesson I learned from my little chickens, Winnie and Dotty. These two precious pullets are the newest to the flock. My husband surprised me with these two "kids" back in July. However, chickens can be jerks, and my first flock is a true click in every way, shape, and form. When it came time, introducing and incorporating, things did not go well. The older four bullied Winnie and Dotty, something horrible. However, the cluckers who harassed the little ones got the attention of my husband, who has a soft spot in his heart for the "the kids."

Yes, my husband has two other chicks in his life, and it’s the sweetest thing to watch. The favor and protection he shows to Winnie and Dotty because of the other hens are precious. He has made the kids their very own loft, separated from their tormentors. He takes them special treats, checks on them, and gives them extra attention... because of the bullies. We can’t make the other chickens behave, these things have to work themselves out, but we can protect the ones being targeted UNTIL they begin to mesh. We can't control the hens' attitude, but we can set apart the ones they mistreat. (In fact, the mistreatment works in the kid's favor.)

We will have times in our lives we are thrown into a situation where the crowd is against us. We will face bullies, tormentors, naysayers, or harassers. And these injustices harness the attention of heaven. Some of my most incredible advancements came during a ferocious season. God knelt and held me closer than I have ever felt.

At first, "my custom made loft" felt like a cage, not protection. But in time, I saw that he was setting me apart. Joyce Meyers says it this way-Birds fly in flocks, eagles fly alone.

Sisters, I know some of you feel like you're caged right now. I feel the burden of loneliness that a few of you are walking. Some of you are trudging through a season of betrayal, rejection, or not being rescued. Take heart; Heaven sees you. He is stooping down, knees in the dirt, lifting your head and hand feeding you. The favor shown to us from our Father carries more weight than the little cluckers who are rejection us.

Oh, BTW, "the kids" have doubled in size and are now bigger than their bullies.

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