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Grit, Grace & Girlfriends - Esther Study

Welcome to our Grit, Grace and Girlfriends online Bible Study! This is a brand new group that has a small following of about 150 ladies on Facebook. You are welcome to join us on the private Facebook group just search for Grit, Grace and Girlfriends and follow the Instagram #gritgraceandgirlfriends.

We wrapped up our September study, and I thought it would be great to blog our lessons to include others. If you would like to dig a little deeper into Esther, this is for you.

What to study- This week I would love for y'all to read or listen to the first three chapters of Esther. If you have the Youbible app, try a few different translations. I love the NLT for an excellent flowing read, and I love the message for the story-telling way.

Points to ponder as you read/listen: Point to Ponder- 1: King Xerxes (pronounced Zerk-zees) was mighty, yet he withheld a severe judgment on queen Vashti. (he could have had her executed)

Point to Ponder-2: Why did the king call for Vashti, and why did she refuse? (there are no wrong answers) I have my thoughts, but I want to hear yours. (Try to think of a proud husband with a beautiful wife)

Point to Ponder-3: Even as a great leader, Why is it important to listen to those around you' advice or counsel? read Matthew 8:5-10

Sidenote- Understanding authority is key to being a good leader. And being humble enough to ask for help makes you an outstanding leader!

Three lesson from the first three chapters:

Chapter One - Vashti taught us Someone's disobedience can make room for us. Someone's "no" can create a yes moment for us. Mordecai even says later on in the story, "deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place if you sit back and do nothing."    Chapter Two - Esther was chosen for her beauty; it was the only job requirement to be considered. But she wasn't fully polished for the job she was considered for- She still needed 12 more months of beauty treatment—wax on wax off polishing. If you have ever seen before and after pictures of Kate Middleton as a future king's girlfriend, the transformation is astounding to the future king's wife. Esther may have had the beginnings of what the king wanted, but Hagei (who represents the Holy Spirit) knew who she could be and what the king desired. It reminds me of the story of David. He was a shepherd, but his job as a protector of his sheep, fighting bears, and lions; instilled in him a warrior. When it came time to confront a giant, he had been prepared in the barn. His courage made room for him in the palace, but he was not yet the crowned king. Our destiny begins with one step of obedience, usually with minimal qualifications. Like Esther, who had to grow up quick, we must lean into and learn from those God has put in our lives to prepare us for our purpose. Facilitating the little qualifications we have learned in the barn to advance us to the palace. These barnyard sparring sessions or spa envy packages prepare us for our "warrior queen" moments. Chapter three - Haman's hate of one man flooded over to hate all of the Jewish people. He was consumed with hatred for ol' Morty, So much so, he wanted the nations he was connected to destroyed. Haman was an early Hitler who gave the Jewish people a shelf life of March 7th of the next year. This is a common thread we often see with hatred and bitterness. All the toxic people can see and discuss is their fuming anger and boiling hate of another. The end of chapter three tugged at my heart- The king and Haman sat down to drink, but the city of Susa fell into confusion. Have you ever felt that Someone was cheering while you were suffering? Have you ever felt that the plan of your enemy/haters/opposers was uncontested? At the same time, you sat confused as to where the calamity came from? Thank God Chapter Three is not the end of this story, and this should give us hope. The clink of glasses cheering over an apparent victory can be flipped in three days. That's the time Esther asked for fasting and prayer. That's the time it took for Jesus to thunder to hell and knock the clinking glasses out of satan's hand and yank death's keys from a very shocked enemy and fold his clothes and walk out of death's door. Lucifer had no idea it was just chapter 3.

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