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Do not let pain turn you into someone you are not!

Good morning 3G fam. The Lord woke me up this morning with a fantastic word, perseverance!

I immediately thought of James 1 as I read it. I came to this one particular line that made me linger - perseverance must finish its work. I’ve read this verse and have quoted it for ages. But never really stopped at the stop.

You see, I’ve always thought perseverance is something you just have all the time. It’s something you need to thrive and succeed, but in this verse, James is saying perseverance has an ending. It’s Strange to think of perseverance that way for me. I think of diets or even working out; if you stop, so does the benefits or success. But here, James is saying. You can stop because you HAVE reached success! The work is finished. There is no maintenance plan because the work is solidified! Made perfect. Complete. Nothing left to do but enjoy the success of persevering!

I had to look up the Greek meaning of perseverance! I was excited when I read the Greek word's depth, and I wanted to share it with you today because I want you all to be encouraged in your walk, in your faith, and your day-to-day life. Be empowered in your struggles, strengthened in your battles, and comforted in your sorrows.

My desire is for you to gain momentum and perseverance towards your passions and your call!

The Greek meaning for perseverance: steadfast, (one of my favorites words), to remain, to stay under, have fortitude. But my all-time favorite meaning comes from the root word- to bear bravely, and remain as one and not become another. In other words, don't let the battle change you, let it develop you. Bear bravely- the trials you are facing today. Bear bravely- don’t become some you’re not because of a bitter chapter or a sorrowful season. Bear bravely- remain and abide in Jesus and let Him do the transformation of your heart and not the situation.

There is an end to what you are enduring right now, sis! There is a final day of suffering. There is a period to your pain and a closed door to your sorrow. So, remain. Abide. And don’t become someone you’re not during your trials. Bear bravely until the end of the process. The reward of such fortitude will be worth it all! And oh, the celebration to be had!!!

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