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Passing by my book collection this morning, one particular caught my eye. Invitation To Encounter, by Julie Meyer. Knowing nothing is by coincidence, I revisited a dog-eared page and found the portion calling out to my heart.

Without reciting the whole paragraph, Ms. Meyer had a dream. She was in a room with an angel, watching a man sleep. As he turned over or moved the slightest bit, she could hear this man mumble, “Here I am, Abba, I love you Abba, here I am.” Then she looked and Jesus was standing at the head of the man’s bed, listening to him. From the tears on his face, she knew the faithfulness of this man’s prayers so moved Jesus. Then the Lord looked at Ms. Meyer and said, “We have heard many pray, ‘Take us up.’ Instead, tell the faithful ones, ‘Heaven is coming down. Heaven is breaking in.’” And then he added, “And tell them, I am undone.”

When I read this, it floored me. Literally. Knees to boards. A realization that hit so deep within me that all I could do was bend, to the floor. A moment of complete humility that brought not introspection, but an overwhelming grasp of intimacy and the powerful change it produces. A faithfully passionate heart will truly undo the One who is completely holy. And he will move Heaven and Earth as a result.

Daily, I am thankful for God’s amazing grace. The staggering fact that we are graciously pursued and apprehended by the Creator of the Universe, who simply loves unconditionally. It truly brings heartfelt gratitude, but I tell you when faced with the realization that Jesus is strongly affected by our passionate love towards him… that he is moved to a point of being undone ~ that wrecks me.

We find ourselves waiting for him to move on our behalf. Speaking such things as, “If he would just do this, or that,” meagerly thinking that our nagging is what sways his intervention. But in all actuality, he is patiently waiting for us. Waiting for us to passionately move towards him. To be lovesick for his heart, not just his hands.

We hardly stop to imagine what his heart is feeling. How he yearns for us. Intimate time alone, with us. How ecstatic he is when we turn our gaze to him, whispering his name like a pining youth. Not realizing in that mere moment he too is longing, gently saying, “Won’t you just sit with me a little while longer?”

Here we are, Abba. We love you, here we are. May we grab your heart with our passion. May we be floored by the realization that even in your holiness, you are deeply moved because of our undistracted devotion. May we stay a little while longer with you. Floored. Soaking in who you are. And while we are lying there with heart open wide and tears puddling, may we hear you affectionately say, “My faithful ones, Heaven is coming down. Heaven is breaking in. I am undone by you.”

For you reach into my heart. With one flash of your eyes I am undone by your love, my beloved, my equal, my bride. You leave me breathless - I am overcome by merely a glance from your worshiping eyes, for you have stolen my heart. I am held hostage by your love and by the graces of righteousness shining upon you.

Song of Songs 4:9, TPT

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