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Remembering. December is a good time to do just that. And as a family, we do just that. We take time to remember where we’ve been to where we are now. It’s our testify time. Not for the sake of woe, but of a, “Wow, how great is our God!”

King David was a great advocate for remembering the works and miracles of God. He recounted them, he reflected on the goodness of God in his life every single time his spirit was found faltering. Why? For one simple reason, it strengthened him.

In moments of uncertainty, not being able to discern the right directions to take, we as a family pause, taking only one step to look back in order to do one thing ~ that’s right, we remember. We remember His faithfulness in years and days passed when He led, guided, opened, and shut doors, provided, sustained, and healed. Why? For one simple reason. It activates our faith to believe He can and will be that for us again.

Through several bouts with cancer, even in the midst of death, when we couldn’t see or hear God in those present moments, we remembered all that He had done and had spoken to us prior. Why? For one simple reason- It caused a momentum to move steadily forward.

We give Him praise for and testify of the miracles and the working of His hand in our lives then, and even now in faith for our future. We know though, those are only signs pointing to a greater reality ~ the person of Jesus.

He is God’s ultimate miracle, our hope of Glory, our “Wow, how great is our God!” Given to us, born to live in us, that we no more would eternally die. Born to give us second birth, as the song so gloriously declares.

Jesus is our reason in any season to simply remember.

Cindi Elder

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