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Writer. Award-winning Author. Speaker. Storyteller. Jesus lover. Wife. Mom to four military heroes. Grammy to three wild, brave and beautiful girls.

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Holly Ruddock could be described as; Passionate, down-to-earth, relatable, and witty.

She is an Oregon born country girl, living life in the Seattle area. She married her high school sweetheart, Joe, mother to four adult children, and rockstar Mimi to three glories granddaughters.

As a speaker, author, blogger, and bible study teacher, Holly transparently shares her life story. Weaving the word of God with personal experiences, she will make you laugh, cry, and possibly snort.

In her victories, failures, and all the in-betweens, she draws you in with her storytelling ways, backing up her experience and inspirational thoughts with God’s Word. She will challenge you to dream and dare you to hope.

Her heart breaks over the injustices and she longs to change the world with small acts of obedience and generous acts of love.

She lives on the beautiful Kitsap peninsula with her husband and their six chickens; Noodle, Momma, Biscuit, Zippy, Winnie, and Dotty. When she is not writing or teaching, she loves to find healthy new recipes to “pin”, take adventurers in her lime green, 76 VW bus, and work in her garden. She is a self-professed coffee snob, but would never turn down a lousy cup of brew with a good friend. She relishes time spent with her four military children and their families and she will stop her world to spend as much time with them around the family fire pit.

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You, my friend, have a purpose. It’s not a size. You have a call. It’s not a title. You have a destiny. It’s not a position. 

Oh, friends, you are the apple of his eye. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Your existence is for His delight. You are made for more than paying bills, clocking in, and commuting. 

It’s the minutes in those actions that serve a purpose. It’s the character at the moment. It’s the interactions we have with those we see, speak to, and touch. 

It's knowing we are not just a bag of bones walking on this earth but a daughter or son fulfilling our father's purpose. 

It’s recognizing that our life matters. We make a difference. Our voices counts. And we are important instruments in the hands of our King. 

Because, believe me, you are made for more. And the hands of God are often found at the ends of obedient arms.

by Holly Sue Ruddock

You Matter

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A bit about me

I’ve always been passionate about the Word of God and enthusiastic in sharing what Jesus is teaching me. When I was younger, I longed to teach God's word, but I was told women could not be preachers; one of those voices was my dad. 

It was a giant conflict in my life at one time; to feel a call from my Heavenly Father to preach the gospel, and an earthly father who wouldn’t cross a street to hear a women speak. (his words)

I had to learn to obey the voice of God over my life and graciously ignore the religious opinions of man. (and it was hard)

In time, my dad came around and was very supportive. And Praise Jesus I have a husband who is my greatest cheerleader in my pursuits. 

 Until Jesus fully released me in my preaching and teaching, I taught our four children with the same excitement and passion I would a large audience.  Early on, Jesus spoke to my heart to take what was in my hands and do that with all my might. And what (or I should say who) was a busy brood of four. I am a storyteller, and bit of cheese ball with my humor,  therefore, teaching my kiddos the word was fun and entertaining. 

But oh, I longed to be released to the fullness of the call but knew the call of “mommy” and season of serving my family in its fullest was even higher. I’ve learned (with a few weepy nights) to not rush the process but trust the process towards the promise.

Interesting tidbits; Coffee is my love language. I love a scary roller coasters and I can eat an entire bucket of movie popcorn with a refill. (I don't, but I could) and I cherish long chats over coffee with a friend.  

And I love, love LOVE to train and equip God's women for their purpose;  to walk in authority, kindness and love and own their identity as daughters of the King.

 I get giddy engaging with people and I have tunnel vision when working on a writing project. I dive headfirst into the research, investigation, and all the beautiful details in writing a bible study or book. 

I have always found it funny that God chose me to write for Him. I have a few learning disabilities and am a horrible, I mean HORRIBLE speller! He is just proving His word through me; In my weakness He is strong


standing up to the bully of fear

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UNAFRAID is a little book written with one intent, to take on fear and destroy the harassing lies it uses to manipulate us to cower.

The spirit of fear has been bullying God's people for ages. It taunts, torments and tangles us. We become paralyzed to move, act or obey the leading of Christ. We fear failure, rejection, disapproval, or criticism.

Let your courage rise up. Let the risk taker in you take the lead.

Throw off all the "what ifs" that hinder you and jump in to the "even if" waters.

This little booklet is written to stir up the warrior in you.; To challenge you to pick of the sword ONE MORE TIME, get in the boat ONE MORE TIME, pull back the arrow ONE MORE TIME, contend for your destiny ONE MORE TIME!

You were made to be victorious. You were designed to be an overcomer. You were created to rise from the ashes of defeat and be a conquer. So straighten your crown, fluff that toto, and roll those sleeves up and let’s take the bully down!

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Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do. Joshua 1:8


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